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Borrow + Build

By Hans Kunnen with Bina Brown.

A nine step guide to building wealth by investing in Australian companies.

Borrow and Build: A Synopsis

Borrow + Build explains in plain language why borrowing money to buy shares in good quality, dividend paying Australian companies is a good way to build wealth. It provides a step by step approach and explains why, over time, your income from dividends should rise and exceed the cost of borrowing.

The book clearly outlines the advantages of borrowing to build wealth but also explains the risks involved. The focus is on flows of cash and the benefits of patience. It involves a slow and steady approach to building wealth rather than an overnight dash for riches.

Hans Kunnen

Prior to his retirement at the end of 2008, Hans Kunnen was Head of Investment Markets Research with Colonial First State. He was previously Chief Economist at State Bank NSW and also taught economics at the University of New England and Macquarie University in Sydney.


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